What’s in a birthday you ask?

15325497242_00f1e8afa0_z (1)

They say that you need to stay mentally active to lower your risk of Alzheimer’s as you age. My Amma will tell you that she does everything she can to stay fit. But don’t be fooled, I am the one that really helps her stay fit by keeping her on her toes and engaging her brain cells. They never get to rest.

My extended family is a big one. Yes, I know what extended means … I asked her when she decided to use that big word. People at the Y childcare believed that I live with 20 other people in our house until they decided to ask Amma yesterday. (hello …. you are digressing ….). Ok, ok, big family means at least one birthday every other week. This whole birthday thing got me thinking. What do I do? Do what I do best. Ask my Amma.

Amma, why is my birthday on Jan 1st? (dates changed for privacy)
Umm, because that’s the day you were born.
I know that, but why that day?
Well that’s the day you said you were done being in my body and wanted to come out.
Ok, but who decides when is someone’s birthday?
You can’t stay inside me forever. You have to come out at some time.
But who put me there and said you have to come out on your birthday?
(This is when I know she doesn’t know everything)
Can you please let me concentrate on my driving now?

Amma’s note: When I was her age, birthdays were all about wearing my fanciest of the 2-3 fancy clothes that I owned, eating cake and having fun. It definitely wasn’t about asking such questions. Right?


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