April Fool’s day

April Fool’s day. It also brings to mind this one song.The one day in the year we could play pranks on our parents, siblings, friends etc. and get away by just saying April fool!! As I’ve grown older the day has lost its charm somewhat. Collectively, as a team at the office we still do try and maintain the tradition. We have foil wrapped a colleague’s desk, taped the mouse ball and what not.

Driving back home yesterday evening, my 5.5 yr old sweet kid asks me what April Fools day is. I guess they’ve been talking about it at school. I tell her it’s a day for people to play harmless pranks on each other and that it’s all in the name of fun. Sure enough, she goes silent and I can see the wheels in her heading churning that info. A few seconds later –

I am going to dump my oatmeal on your head tomorrow
(My mommy brain doesn’t catch on)
No sweetie that is not nice. And you are wasting food.
No, “tomorrow” I am going to dump my oatmeal on your head.

You get the drift, we go back and forth two more times.

Then what is April Fools day Amma?
That’s when the light bulb in my mommy brain went off. :/
Ohhhhhhhhhh, now I get it. Tomorrow is April Fools day and you are saying you will dump oatmeal on my head. But, you wont really do that. You are just fooling me?

Yes Amma! I am saying that I will do that tomorrow for “April Fools Day

She clearly gets what the day is and even managed to pull one over me! Happy April Fools day all 🙂


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