Sleepless in PA

Sleepovers, not actual sleepovers but planning for one is all the rage in lil Miss R’s pre-K class. Wednesday I walk in to pick her up from school and I’m mobbed by these little pre-K’ers. One of them was her best friend Master J.

MJ: Please please please can R have a sleepover at my house tonight.
Me: Umm, it’s a weeknight so I don’t think so.
MJ: Please, I really want to.
MsR: Please Amma. I really want to go to his house for a sleepover.
Me: well, maybe over the weekend.
(Luckily for me, they don’t know that words like “maybe”, “I’ll think about it” is mommy code word for never happening).

Then along comes another boy who I guess was feeling left out.

Kid3: Can I come too? can I bring my bunk bed with me?
Me: (trying hard not to laugh). I think that may be a little too big to carry.
Kid3: Ok, I can bring my spider-man sleeping bag then?
Me: Sure, why not.

All three kids in unison: Yay, we are gonna have a sleepover this weekend. There was jumping and dancing and shouting involved.

With that, I thought I was done with this entire sleepover thing. We get in the car and start driving back home. The “voice” pops up from behind.

Tonight, when you are all sleeping I will run down the stairs and
Me: You don’t run down the stairs, you can fall and hurt yourself.

Ok, tonight when Papa and you are sleeping. I will quietly walk down the stairs and run out the frontdoor. Then J will come on his bike and pick me up and we are going to go to his house for a sleepover.

As usual, I was left speechless at first. I then recovered to say “ok”. Given that she is all of 5.5 yrs old I clearly have no cause for concern yet. But fast forward 10yrs into the future and I will be that mom who sits in a dark room by the stairs waiting for her to walk down the stairs at some ungodly hour or try to sneak back in well after curfew time.

Sleepless nights indeed. Until then, I buckle up, jump on the bike called life and enjoy the ride!



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