What’s cooking for dinner

I don’t know about other households but in ours all of the serious conversations between lil Miss R and Amma R occur either in the car when we are driving back home from school or to/from the Y or during bath time at night. Papa R never gets to answer or here the profound stuff that she spews out. Hummmph. As much as I roll my eyes at the depth of these conversations I actually do enjoy them. It never ceases to amaze me what goes on inside of a child’s head even if she is as young as just 5.5

We got done with bath time last night without much drama. As I was getting her ready for bed, out pops the question. You should know that she is a foodie to the core and never shies away from trying out new stuff. She is always hovering around in the kitchen when I’m cooking asking me what each ingredient is and eating raw chopped onions and garlic!

Ms R: Amma, how do you make that chicken curry with curry leaves?
Me: Umm, how about I show you the next time I make it?
Ms R: Ok, don’t forget.
Me: Why do you want to know?
Ms R: Well, when I marry Julian I want to make chicken curry with curry leaves and that pasta. It is going to be our special dinner for when we are married.
(A min later …)
I will marry him but I will still live at home with you. Julian will come and live with me in our house.
Me: (to myself). Great this kid really has no plans of moving out and we will be working till we take our last breath.

Ms R: You know Phoenix and Taylor are going to marry and we will all live together here. 4 of us are going to all marry each other.

She clearly has her future all planned out right down to what will be cooked and eaten for their special dinners. I can’t wait to see what the future actually holds for us.

So long!


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