Practice what “I” preach

As a parent one is always trying to raise a kid to be a kind, sympathetic, empathetic human being. One can always acquire knowledge at school but the soft skills are something that you have to start at home. I never let go of the chance to teach her how to be more sympathetic towards others feelings. Well, she threw it right back at me the other day!

It was the weekend and I was doing something. What was it you ask. I do not know … goes to show how important it really was. It was around lunch time. The kid was hungry and I told her just another 5 mins a couple of times. She finally had enough of it and came to me with this really long face, eyes brimming with tears. I looked up and asked her what happened.

Here’s what she had to say: You are always telling me I should have sympathy for you and others. But, here I am hungry and I’ve been asking for food and YOU are not showing any sympathy for me.

My heart melted at those words. On a positive note, I know that she knows the meaning of that word and it isn’t just me saying words to her!