Speed walker

Every parent knows what a struggle it is to make sure that your kid doesn’t get mowed down by a vehicle in a parking lot.

She is usually pretty good about it. Most times she is dragging her feet behind her and I have to threaten her to catch up with me.

Monday evening, I guess she was so full of energy that she decided she is going to run and be the first one in. Also happened that I was tired and had barely made it to the gym.

As any parent would I first told her in a very nice polite manner “Hey, you know there is no running allowed in parking lots right?”
Either I wasn’t heard or she ignored me. I would place my bets on the latter.
Second time “Hey, I said no running”.
Well, you can guess what happened.
Third time screaming at the top of my lungs and getting the oh-we’ve-all-been-there pitiful look from other parents “STOP, I said no running”

Her response: I am not running. I am SPEED-WALKING. With that she crossed the road to safety.

A workout buddy who witnessed this couldn’t stop laughing.
All I could do to save face was smile and say “this is how she gets me ALL.THE.TIME. By using words and technicality on me”.
My buddy said, I can only imagine. She is pretty smart.

I was left thinking to myself … thanks to Nor’easter Stella, I am stuck with her at home all day long tomorrow. *sigh*


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