Supercandy strikes again

She has decided that her superpower name is SuperCandy and that she will shoot out candies to bring down the bad guys!!

I personally think she should be WordShooter. The frequency with which she uses words to have me thinking and effectively shut me up in the process is beyond amazing. She is after all, all of 6 yrs old.

Thanks to “Stella” and school delays, we are stuck at home for the 2nd day in a row. Does she like it? Heck no! she would rather be at school. She begged me to drop her off at the after care but this Mama was a bit too comfy in her PJs.

10:30am. Breakfast is done. I’ve logged on and am working. I look up and see her lying down on the carpet with all her art supplies and a blanket wrapped around her.

Me: Why are you lying down on the carpet? Wouldn’t you rather sit at the table to do whatever it is that you have planned?
Kid: I am thinking what I should do with all this.
Kid: But, I can solve it and you can get what you want you know?
Me: Really and what is that?
Kid: All you have to do is take this remote and turn on the TV. Then I will sit on the sofa. You get what you want and I get what I want. So, when you look up the next time I will be at your eye level.

And with that strikes Little Miss Wordshooter.

Thanks for that insightful comment sweety! But I think I’m ok with you lying down on the carpet for now.


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