We are a typical Asian Indian American family living the utopian American suburban dream life. Dad (papa) travels a lot on work, is addicted to his iPad watching netflix, streaming cnn.com, Imran Khan’s political talks on youtube.com …. yea the typical dad. Mom (Amma) works as well and is like a gerbil on a wheel constantly in motion from wake up time to drop dead sleep time at night.Then there’s me, 2010 born kid that loves to ask “why”,”how” ALL the TIME. I mean aren’t kids supposed to be curious? Isn’t that how we learn? I ask questions not when she is sitting doing nothing (that hardly ever happens), but when she’s driving with me in the backseat or when she’s busy stirring something on the pot or trying to brush my teeth or doing laundry prep; you get the drift .. no time is a good time if you ask her.

Amma thinks I’m not like most kids my age with the questions that I ask. This is her attempt at capturing all the things that I say so that she can embarrass me in the future when I least expect it. Let me tell you a secret … she’s crazy, I am smarter than her … ssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh. The last laugh will be mine. 🙂

She gets to keep her sanity by penning this down and hopefully someone can give me some real answers around here.


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